Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vine animation: kickflip


Your Mom

Every Sunday your mom goes to the Barnse and Nobles to have coffee with her friends. Her feet hurt all the time. Its hard for her to walk from the car to the Barnse and Noble cafe where she orders a small coffee and cheesecake. Today only one of her friends shows up. A woman she met a few weeks ago in the cafe. They talk about their grandchildren. After a while your mom says goodbye, looks at the magazines and then goes home.

Soul Grind


I always make plans. My current plan is to build a space ship and fly to the moon. I want to visit the moon monkeys and learn moon monkey math. If I learn it well enough I can use moon monkey physics to get to Jupiter. There I will live among the Jupiter gorillas. They have millions of dollars. They will give me some and then I can retire.